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Split AC: An Effective Variant Of Traditional Air Conditioner

Posted by Admin on May, 30, 2022

The process of controlling the humidity of air and thereby removing the heat of an enclosed space is called air conditioning. Through the process of air conditioning, the environment becomes much more comfortable and pleasant. The mechanism of air conditioning is conducted by the machine of air conditioner which is powered by electricity. Air conditioning belongs to the technical family of HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The mechanism of air conditioners use the system of vapour-compression refrigeration and it varies in sizes, ranging from smaller units to massive units which cools small units or single room to massive units or large rooms respectively. The mini split air conditioner is one of the varieties.

Split Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, the air conditioners that have split components into two units of a traditional air conditioning system is called split air conditioner. The two split components are one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. The indoor unit contains the filter and distribution components and the outdoor unit is comprised of condenser and compressor components.

The indoor and outdoor units are bound by copper tubing in place of expensive ductwork present in central air systems. The copper tubing is quite flexible and convenient, and therefore it allows the homeowners for installing an air conditioner with a split type system very easily without any extensive construction. The copper connection also enables the system to control multiple indoor fans with the support of only one outdoor unit.

The split air conditioners come with few advantages like,

The split air conditioner, along with a window unit is a cost effective alternative for a central air conditioner. This is because the split air conditioner does not require any ductwork.

The set up of two units in a split air conditioner are more effective than the window units.

The most preferred and demanded advantage of an air conditioner with a split system is its quietness. This is because the compressor is set outside the house and thus, any rattling and buzzing sound cannot be heard.

These are conditioners are scaled very easily in a household. An outdoor unit controls multiple indoor units and therefore provide even more cooling. This as a result also proves as a money saver for extensive cooling projects.

Mini Split AC

When the air conditioner supply heated and conditioned air to a smaller and single room in a decentralised manner is called a mini split air conditioner. Mini-split air conditioners are nothing but the split ACs in a smaller size, and therefore just like the split ACs, the mini split air conditioners do not possess ducts. Since the split system concerns comparatively an even smaller space, Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioner provides better cooling solutions.

The mini split air conditioners are nowadays built based on some advanced technologies. Through these technologies, the mini split air conditioners are capable of absorbing and deactivating several microorganisms like dust mites, bacteria, moulds and pollen present in the air.


There are various companies in India that offer mini split air conditioners that consist of several indicators for air purification and checking indoor odours. They claim 99.9 per cent efficiency of their product for eliminating microbes. Not only this, but these companies also guarantee optimal purification of air at night.

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